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Gartec Platform Stairlift

Our platform stairlift provides simple access to upper floors for wheelchair users, offering similar operation to a normal stairlift, but with a platform for use as a wheelchair lift on staircases.

The Platform Stairlift - A Stairlift for Wheelchairs

Economical and space saving, a platform stair lift is a very popular and versatile access solution for wheelchair users. The platform stairlift is similar to a normal stair lift, but with a platform for wheelchairs rather than a seat.

The wheelchair user rolls onto the platform, safety bars lower, and a constant pressure joystick controls movement along the staircase.

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Platform Stairlift Product Features

A platform stairlift offers simple access to upper floors for wheelchair users, whilst taking up very little space when folded away out of use. Discrete, economical and space saving, a platform stairlift is a very popular and versatile access solution.

The Gartec platform stairlift is suitable for use internally and externally, making it ideal for use as a home lift and commercial lift for wheelchairs.

Key Platform Stairlift Features

  • Straight stairways for wheelchairs
  • 3 platform sizes
  • 225kg load rating (wheelchair user)
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • 1 day installation
  • User or attendant controlled
  • Safety sensors stop when obstructed
  • Barrier arms and ramps for safety

How Platform Stair Lifts Work

A constant pressure joystick controls the motion of the platform stairlift, operated by the wheelchair user.

Alternatively an attendant can call and send the platform stair lift using a ‘wander-lead’. The barrier arms must be fully lowered and ramps on either side of the platform stairlift raised before operation, giving safety and security as a wheelchair stairlift.

Platform Stairlift Technical Details

Rated load 225kg
Speed Max. 0.01 m/s
Power req. 230 V, 1pH, 50 Hz
Drive Rack and pinion direct drive
Controls Constant pressure joystick
Radio remote control


Platform Sizes A: 750 x 900 mm
B: 800 X 1000 mm
C: 800 x 1250 mm
Overall Footprint A: 1000 x 1400 mm
B: 1050 x 1500 mm
C: 1050 x 1750 mm
Folded Width 290mm

Platform Stairlift Downloads

Gartec Platform Stairlift Information Sheet

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