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Gartec Goods Lift (High Capacity)

The Gartec Goods Lift is an ideal solution to multi-floor transportation of goods and equipment with high load capacity. A goods lift reduces risks and increases efficiency between incoming, warehouse and dispatch.

With 3 models, 2000-3000kg weight capacity, and custom car sizes, the Gartec Goods Lift range has you covered.

The Simple Warehouse Goods Lift Option

The Gartec Goods Lift is an ideal solution to multi-floor transportation of equipment and goods. The compact, modular design makes the Gartec Goods Lift a perfect solution for any warehouse. Our goods lift is customisable to to suit your goods sizes, including pallets, trolleys and crates.

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Goods Lift Product Features

The Gartec Goods Lift: increasing efficiency between incoming, warehouse and dispatch.

Goods Lift Models:

  • Classic: Goods Only up to 2000kg
  • Standard: Goods Only up to 3000kg
  • Goods with attendant up to 3000kg

The Goods Lift car is customisable to fit all shapes and sizes of goods, with special designs available for lifts with turntables.

The Simple Warehouse Goods Lift Option

  • Up to 6 stops (18m)
  • Load rated from 2000-3000kg
  • Single or double leaf doors
  • Free standing shaft structure
  • Free standing, through ceiling, in racking or in fire rated structures possible
  • No machine room
  • 70-130mm pit/ramp
  • Efficient gear motor & disk brake

The Gartec Goods Lift uses a modular, free standing frame structure to reduce installation time, needing only a load bearing footprint and no major building works on site.

The goods lift doors can be automated to make accessing the platform quick.


Gartec Goods Lift Safety Features

The Gartec Goods Lift has some great safety features including:

  • Car illumination
  • Safety Stop Mechanism
  • Overload Protection
  • Vision panels (Goods with Attendant)
  • Deadmans controls (Goods with Attendant)
  • Light Curtain
  • Overspeed governor

Gartec offer a range of packages for regular lift servicing and maintenance, and all our lifts come as standard with a 12 month warranty for your peace of mind.

Goods Lift Technical Details

Rated load Classic: 2000kg
Standard: 3000kg
Attendant: 3000kg
Speed Classic/Standard: 0.2m/s
Attendant: 0.15 m/s
Power req 415v, 3pH, 50Hz
Controls Classic/Standard: Call & Send
Attendant: Call & Send and On Board Key Control
Technical Compliance Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
Number of Stops Max. 6
Number of doors 12 (max. 2 per stop)
Environment Indoor
Motor Gear motor with integrated disk brake


Width 800 – 2800mm
Depth 1000 – 3000mm
Height 1800 – 2900mm
Width 800 – 1400mm
Depth 1000 – 2800mm
Height 2000mm
Width 1100 – 2800mm
Depth 1400 – 3000mm
Height 1800 – 2900mm
Shaft Size (all models) Width: Cabin width + 320mm
Depth: Cabin depth + 170mm
Height: Cabin height +140mm
Door Size Custom
Travel Height Up to 18m
Pit/Ramp 70 – 130mm

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