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Gartec Mezz Lift (Mezzanine Goods Lift)

The Gartec Mezz Lift offers a tailored solution for goods transport between a warehouse or factory floor and a 2nd mezzanine level.

A minimal footprint, simple casing and no machine room or pit mean the Mezz Lift can be installed in just a day. Simplicity is combined with advanced goods safety features to make a budget-friendly, efficient logistics tool.


Gartec Mezzanine Goods Lift

The Mezz Lift is a mezzanine goods lift – a versatile logistics system which provides key goods only transport between internal ground and mezzanine levels.

Improving efficiency and reducing risks, the Mezz Lift makes transporting goods up to 1,000kg quick and easy. With a simple sheet metal perforated container and efficient chain drive system, freestanding structure, no pit and no machine room, the Mezz Lift is an easy choice.

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Gartec Mezz Lift Features

The Gartec Mezz Lift is designed for goods transport between lower and mezzanine floors. Reduce manual handling and improve efficiency in logistics quickly with a one day installation.

Key Features

  • Freestanding shaft structure anchored to each floor
  • Easily integrated into existing racking
  • MRL (machine room less)
  • No shaft or pit required
  • Up to 1,000kg
  • 1 week installation
  • Door and platform locking system – safe to enter for loading
  • Galvanised steel platform railing

An electric chain drive system offers efficiency and safety, as well as low maintenance costs. The system allows a high 20-30 cycles an hour.

The large platform size is ideal for goods, but still keeps a minimal shaft footprint – ideal where space is at a premium.

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Gartec Mezz Lift Technical Information

Type of Lift Goods only lift for commercial environments
Environment Internal
Drive system  Electric chain drive system
 Power  3.4kW, 400V
Rated speed Max. 0.2 m/s
Rated load Max. 1,000kg
Number of stops 2
Doors Perforated sheet metal
Door Configuration Single entry or through car
Pit No pit required
Control box MRL – control box on lower floor shaft
Controls Call and send
Shaft Freestanding structure clad in perforated sheet metal
No shaft required
Safety Electrical interlock on gate
PAWL locking on door and platform
Emergency stop button
Busy light
Compliance  EN 2006/42/EC


Platform size (WxD) 1,100 x 1,600mm
Travel height 2,146 – 4,096mm
External Shaft 1,870 x 1,870mm
Mezzanine Shaft 1,970 x 1,970mm
Doors 1,250 x 2,006mm
Ramp 1,200 x 935mm
Top height 2,200mm
Lifting column height 4,398 mm or 6,342mm

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