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Gartec 8000 Hydraulic Cabin Stretcher Lift

The Gartec 8000 is a compact hydraulic lift system with the look, feel and style of a conventional passenger lift but reduced cost, time and maintenance. With key stretcher lift / bed lift / bike lift sizes, ideal for hospitality and medical locations as well as car park lifts and similar, the 8000 is a versatile commercial access option.

The Hydraulic Cabin Stretcher Lift

Transport stretchers and bikes between floors with ease using the Gartec 8000 hydraulic stretcher lift. Easily takes an emergency services stretcher, and can be tailored to your building design or requirements.

Fully compliant, and with great safety features and design options, the 8000 is a fantastic commercial access solution requiring minimal building works and disruption.

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Gartec 8000 Features

The Gartec 8000 is our hydraulic lift option, providing a 500kg weight limit and ideal size for stretcher lift or bike lift use. Even with a hydraulic system, the small 120-140mm pit and minimal headroom mean it will fit in a much smaller space with a high capacity.

Easy to install in your own shaft, or retrofit with its own supporting structure, the Gartec 8000 offers flexibility in commercial access.

Unlike many hydraulic systems, the 8000 doesn’t require a full machine room – just a self-contained ‘power pack’ unit within 9m of the lift.

Safety Features

Safety is built in with the Gartec 8000. With an autodialler and alarm button as standard, as well as a battery backup and emergency movement operation unit for external control, passengers travel in comfort.

Overload protection and an overspeed governor are fitted as standard.

Optional Features

Choose coloured panels, glass or stainless steel for the structure, doors and shaft panels, and a range of safestep flooring choices. A half- or full-height mirror and optional lighting designs can be added to the cabin too.

A range of telescopic doors include 3 and 4 speed (4 speed is centrally opening), with the option of 1 hour fire rated protection.

Take control of access in sensitive locations with a fully programmable i-button control system for landings and floor selection.

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Gartec 8000 Technical Information

Gartec 8000 Technical Information

Type of Lift Hydraulic cabin stretcher lift
Environment Internal
No of Floors 2-5
Rated Speed 0.15m/s
Capacity 500kg
Drive System Direct acting hydraulic ram
Headroom 2700mm
Controls One touch operation throughout
Power required 230V single phase mains
Aux power 24V
Emergency Backup External emergency lowering in control cabinet
Shaft Masonry / Concrete by others
or self supporting steel structure
Doors Full height 3 speed telescopic door
Single or through car configuration
Compliance CE Marked
EN81-70 / BS6440 / BS8300
Machinery Directive
Building Regulations Part M


Cabin size 1100 x 2200mm
Travel height 250 – 8,500 mm
Shaft size 1410 x 2475mm
Door size 900mm wide
2,000mm high as standard
Extended height available
Pit / Ramp 120 – 140mm
Power Pack Size (wxdxh) 470 x 750 x 1680mm
Located within 9m of lift


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