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Gartec Dumb Waiter / Service Lift

Gartec service lifts, often called dumb waiters, are a small-load goods lift for transporting anything from documents, food and laundry to goods, equipment and small trolleys. Often seen in hotels, libraries, kitchens and restaurants, service lifts help reduce manual handling.

Dumb Waiters with a Difference

The Gartec Service Lift (dumb waiter) is a simple, durable small goods lift, usually at waist/serving height. An extra quiet motor and wipe-clean surface makes it perfect as a serving lift for hotels and restaurants, and the supporting frame means quick installation.

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Service Lift Features

What is a Dumb Waiter/Service Lift?

Dumb waiters, or service lifts, are a small-load goods lift for transporting anything from documents, food and laundry to trays, equipment and small trolleys. Commonly these are found in hotels, restaurants and pubs.

The Gartec Service Lift

Our Service Lift/Dumb Waiter is a simple, durable solution. An extra quiet motor and wipe-clean surface makes it perfect as a serving lift for hotels and restaurants. The supporting frame system means quick and easy installation with no motor room or load bearing shaft required – helping you to get back to work faster. The Gartec service lift can take loads up to 150kg.

Need a lift with a higher load rating? Try the Gartec Goods Lift.

Gartec Service Lift: Key Features

  • Up to 12 stops (20m)
  • Up to 24 entrance points
  • Internal or external installation
  • Load rated from 50-100kg
  • Rise and fall shutters or hinged doors
  • Shelving options
  • Top or bottom drive positioning

The Gartec Dumb Waiter uses a self supporting steel structure which is erected in just a day or two, with minimal building works on site and no load bearing shaft. You can enclose the structure to suit the surroundings. A counter balance drive system makes the Gartec dumb waiter more energy efficient without a reduction in power.


Gartec Service Lift Types

Gartec offer 3 main types of dumb waiter/service lift:

  • Standard models
  • Double models, with a bank of 2 dumb waiters
  • Bottom drive models, reducing headroom requirements

Double bank versions of the dumb waiter are great for laboratory lifts or food service lifts where contamination or temperature need controlling. If you would like a double bank, a wall will need to be created on site to separate the shafts.

You can also position a Gartec Trolley Lift beneath the service lift in the same shaft.

Gartec offer a range of packages for regular lift servicing and maintenance, and all our commercial lifts come as standard with a 12 month warranty for your peace of mind.

Service Lift Technical Details

Rated load 50kg – 100kg
Speed 0.35m/s
Power req. 1-phase, 240v, 1pH, 50Hz
3-phase, 415v, 3pH, 50Hz
Controls Automatic call & send at each entrance
Technical Compliance Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC
No. of Stops 2-12
No. of doors Max. 2 per stop
Environment Indoor
Motor Motor winding unit with counter balance drive
Motor Position Top or base (for base +150mm to shaft width)
Control Supply 415v or 240v
Electrical Protection RCD with 240v


Car Sizes
Standard Model 50kg
Side A: 545 x 420 x 800mm
Side B: 520 x 520 x 800mm
Side C: 620 x 620 x 800mm100kg
Side A: 720 x 720 x 1000mm
Side B: 820 x 820 x 1200mm
Double Model 50kg
Side B: 520 x 520 x 800mm (per car)
Side C: 620 x 620 x 800mm (per car)100kg
Side A: 720 x 720 x 800mm (per car)
Side B: 820 x 820 x 800mm (per car)
Bottom Drive Model Please see standard dimensions. Headroom reduced to 2250mm
Shaft Sizes
Standard & Double Model 50kg
Side A: 820 x 640mm (standard only)
Side B: 800 x 800mm
Side C: 900 x 900mm100kg
Side A: 1000 x 1000mm
Side B: 1100 x 1100mm
Bottom Drive Model 50kg
Side A: 820 x 640mm
Side B: 830 x 800mm
Side C: 930 x 900mm100kg
Side A: 1030 x 1000mm
Side B: 1130 x 1100mm
Pit depth 350mm on double decker and floor height models only
Serving Height 800mm (or floor level)
Travel Height Up to 20m
Headroom req. Standard: 2600mm (50kg)
2800 – 3000 (100kg)
Double Decker: 3000mm
Bottom Drive: 2250mm

NB: Side B is opposite the machinery

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