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Aritco 6000 Residential Platform Lift

Our larger residential lift, the Aritco 6000 Home Passenger Platform Lift is ideal for almost any residential setting, with great customisable features and fully compliant with Part M and the Equality Act, making it ideal as an access lift or wheelchair lift for the home.

The Wheelchair Home Lift

The Aritco 6000 passenger platform lift offers a functional, wheelchair friendly lift, suitable for up to 5 people and fitting a wheelchair easily with higher weight limits to use as a bariatric chair lift or motorised wheelchair lift. The Aritco 6000 also provides a range of style and aesthetic options to make the lift a stunning feature, or blend in with your clients home design.

For a simpler, compact lift, take a look at the 4000.

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Aritco 6000 Features

The Aritco 6000 passenger platform lift offers a functional lift, suitable for 5 people and fitting a wheelchair easily, whilst providing a range of style options to make the lift a stunning feature, or blend in with your home design. The 6000 offers more space and design features – for a simpler, compact lift, take a look at the 4000.

Key Lift Features

  • Up to 13m (6 stops) with 3 doors per floor
  • 6 platform sizes
  • Load rated to 410kg (5 people / wheelchair & attendant), ideal for bariatric & electric wheelchairs
  • 50mm pit or ramp
  • Quiet and energy efficient lift
  • Glass shaft or RAL colour choice
  • 8 flooring options
  • Safety edge and alarm system

How Platform Lifts Work

The Aritco 6000 passenger platform lift is completely contained within the shaft, and operated using our patented screw & nut technology, with a mast running behind the platform. The lift doesn’t require a machine room or pump box housing – read more about how it works here.

Operation inside the lift is by continuous pressure, and outside using a single touch button to call the lift to the floor.

Home Lift Servicing

All our home lifts are supplied with a 24-month warranty as standard, and we offer a range of maintenance and service packages for your peace of mind.

Aritco 6000 Technical Details

Drive system Self-sustaining patented screw/nut system
Rated speed Max. 0.15 m/s
Landing control One touch call
Platform control Hold to run
Technical compliance European machine directive 2006/42/EC
Rated load 410 kg/5 persons
Number of stops Max. 6 on 3 sides
Number of doors Max. 2 doors per floor
Pit 50 mm (with ramp no pit is required)
Environment Indoor
Power 1-phase, 230V, 50Hz, 20A supply
Emergency lowering Manual
Control supply 24 V
Motor 2.2 kW


Platform Dimensions & Rated Loads
1. 900 * 1040 mm – 250kg
2. 900 * 1280 mm – 410kg
3. 900 * 1480 mm – 410kg
4. 1000 * 1280 mm – 410kg
5. 1000 * 1480 mm – 410kg
6. 1100 * 1480 mm – 410kg
– –
Shaft width Platform width +375 mm
Shaft depth Platform depth +120 mm
– –
Structural opening width Platform size +405 mm
Structural opening depth Platform size +150 mm
– –
Travel height 250-13000 mm
Door height 2000 mm
Door width 900 mm
Door frame 2240 mm
Half height door frame 1100 mm

Aritco 6000 Videos

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