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Are you looking for high-quality solutions for accessibility in your property? At Gartec, our lift engineers have over 25 years of experience in the installation of advanced access solutions throughout the UK and will be proud to offer support at every step of the lift installation process.

From consultation on designs, the actual installation, and further into your lift’s lifetime; Gartec will stand by you for all of your lifting needs.

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Here at Gartec, we understand how important it is to have independence as a wheelchair user, or someone living with mobility issues. Being unable to navigate the stairs in a building, with no other route to your destination, can make it feel like society is working against you. So why would you design your building in a way that doesn’t allow access to everyone who needs it?

Luckily, through floor lifts are a perfect solution to this issue. Offering a practical solution for wheelchair users and disabled people who have mobility issues, Gartec disabled through floor lifts enable the user to travel from the ground floor to other floors – either while seated in their wheelchair, or on the optional fold-down sliding seat – in a smooth, safe, and quiet manner.

Gartec offers through floor platform lifts in a wide range of sizes, each designed to make efficient use of, and maximise, the space within the cabin. The option to customise it to suit your property’s aesthetic is also available, as there is a range of colours, materials, and additional accessories, like door openers and remote controls, to choose from.

Installation of the Gartec through floor lift is extremely easy and non-disruptive, too. It can be fitted almost anywhere within your building, only requiring minimal headroom, and it can even be installed against non-load bearing walls.

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What is a Through Floor Lift?

Through floor lifts, also known as vertical lifts or vertical platform lifts, are fantastic solutions in situations where a staircase is unsuitable for a stairlift, or for when someone needs to stay in their wheelchair while travelling between floors.

Through floor lifts are cleverly designed so that they are discreet and minimally invasive to the building – they take up as little space as necessary, and can even disappear when not needed.

The Gartec range of disabled through floor lifts is designed for use by disabled people who have restricted mobility or who use a wheelchair. The installation of a stairlift through the floor will allow a user to move freely around the different floors of a building – a solution that is incorporated within the building’s design rather than working against it and the user.

Vertical through floor lifts are the ideal solution for many types of buildings, and they are extremely effective in not excluding wheelchair users from accessing your property.

Benefits of a Gartec Through Floor Lift

Through floor wheelchair lifts are lifting solutions that can provide access to all areas within a property. This means that customers, clients, visitors, family, and anyone else can benefit from them too.

Some benefits of installing a Gartec through floor lift include:

Discrete and Visually Appealing Design

At Gartec, we aim to provide lifting solutions that not only fit the bill practically but also aesthetically. We guarantee the proper design of our vertical through floor lifts, but also ensure that they are as visually appealing and discrete to your property’s layout as possible – meaning that you don’t have to compromise the style of your property.

When you choose Gartec for the installation of your new through floor lift, you can customise the lift unit to suit your aesthetic with a wide range of options for the customisation of the glass, material, and colour of the lift itself – making a huge difference to the way the through floor lift looks.

Stress-Free and Non-Disruptive Installation

The installation of your new through floor lift is guaranteed to be a stress-free and non-disruptive process when you choose Gartec. We aim to make you and the users of your property feel comfortable throughout the installation process, ensuring that bypassers and staff can get on with their day-to-day lives.

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Are you looking to install a through floor lift on your property? Accessibility is an important aspect of designing public places, and these kinds of lifting solutions are fantastic as they allow wheelchair users and people with mobility issues to feel welcome on your property.

Through floor lift cost is bespoke to your project, and our experts have over 25 years of experience in the installation, consultation, repair, and maintenance of lifts across the UK.
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Do you have a through lift installed on your property that is suffering a breakdown, or does something sound like it’s not working right? Whatever the issue, please don’t wait around for the problem to get worse and risk the health and safety of anyone using the lift. Book a lift repair or lift maintenance service as soon as possible.

For the installation of a through floor lift or another type of lift, or for LOLER certified lift repair and maintenance services, get in touch with Gartec today.

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