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Continuing Professional Development Modules

Gartec Lifts are RIBA CPD Network CertifiedKeep up to date and improve your knowledge with our RIBA registered, double points platform lifts CPD – we even include lunch.

Platform Lifts CPD

Gartec can provide a RIBA Certified “Platform Lifts: Who Needs Them” CPD, offering in depth knowledge of lifting platforms and their specification. Our CPD covers:

  • What is a lifting platform?
  • Regulations and responsibilities
  • Common applications and environments
  • Platform lift benefits and uses


A Virtual Reality Twist

Our interactive CPD (iCPD) is enhanced by virtual reality – helping you visualise how our lifting platforms look and work. You will see:

  • Platform features and travel experience
  • Footprint and size, including low head height
  • Minimal fixing points and modular design
  • Colours and glass glazing options – design yourself
  • No machine room or pump box housing – fully enclosed in shaft

Research by The CPD Certification Service has shown active participation in simulations creates best knowledge retention rates, leaping from 5% for a lecture, to 75% for active participation in a simulation.

Book a CPD

To book a Platform Lift CPD at your offices, just email, or give us a call on 01296 397100.

We attend many of the RIBA workshops each year, and we can come to your offices to deliver a CPD if you prefer. All RIBA members get double points from our CPD presentation.

Gartec have a dedicated CPD presenter who can come to your offices or meet you at a chosen location during lunch, after work or at any time throughout the day. We are also able to provide a space for CPD seminars at SkyHouse Design Centre in Amersham if you prefer.

Approximate duration excluding time for questions/answers: 45 minutes.

What is a CPD?

A CPD, or continuing professional development, is a series of qualifications aimed at industry professionals to enhance their knowledge.

The Gartec CPD is aimed at Architects of all levels and experience, and provides double points for RIBA members – helping you reach your annual requirement.

Featured case study

Award-Winning Service Station Maximise Space with Gartec

Featured case study

Award-Winning Service Station Maximise Space with Gartec

Discover what makes us the leading UK supplier of Aritco platform lifts