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Home Lifts For Medical Patients: A New OT Learning Tool

Gartec’s innovative home lifts for medical patients offer a flexible and versatile solution for residential access requirements around mobility and health issues. Our team speak to many Occupational Therapists and medical professionals to provide support and solutions.

To support occupational therapists and medical professionals, our home division have created a CPD (continuing professional development) video to provide information and advice when considering home lifts for medical patients – fromĀ funding options to lift types.

Our new CPD video is designed to demonstrate options for patients can stay in their home, rather than move, or have costly, disruptive lower floor adaptations. It could help patients move away from a ‘disability look’ in their home. The main aim is to provide patients with a wider choice – whether it is based on budget, style or requirements.

Watch the video below in your own time to learn more! >>

What Is a CPD?

CPD means Continuing Professional Development – the concept of continuing to learn post-qualification. This helps many professionals keep up with new products and services. There are many CPD methods – from reading and videos, to presentations and seminars. Just keep a note of your learning tools as you go.

What Will I Learn with a Home Lift CPD?

Our video CPD is 15 minutes long, and covers the following topics to help discuss, understand and specify home access options. It covers common lift types, as well as the lesser-known platform lift:

  • Who are Gartec Home?
  • Analysing Patient Requirements: User, Property, Features, Budget
  • Types of Patient Home Lift
  • Exploring Platform Home Lifts
  • A Little on Regulations for Home Lifts
  • Mini Case Studies

By the end of the video, you should understand different types of options ideal for a variety of medical scenarios.

Watch the Gartec Home Lifts for Medical Patients CPD

Our Home Lifts for Medical Patients CPD video is below, ready to watch whenever and wherever you want. It’s designed with Occupational Therapists and similar professionals in mind – or just those who want to learn a little more about home access options!

Want to know more?

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