Aritco HomeLift (AHL)

The Aritco HomeLift (AHL) is a desirable home lift choice for homeowners, due to its aesthetics and design options. It offers a design statement to the home and lights up a hallway with the desired colour lighting. Many of our customers choose this lift to add an extra modern and luxurious touch to a project, whether they require a lift for a house with multiple floors, such as townhouses, for accessibility or to add ease and help with daily tasks.


The Aritco HomeLift includes a ‘DesignWall’ feature, unlike any other product on the market, customers can choose from our carefully selected artwork created by a selection of prominent Scandinavian Artists and Designers to display on the backwall of the lift to make a statement or can choose their own image as desired, or plain for a classically timeless lift design if preferred.

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Lighting is one of the most important factors in setting a mood in your home. The lighting for the Aritco HomeLift has been developed by the best light architects in Sweden and will help create a variety of atmospheres for your home. The lift comes with white lights for the DesignWall, shaft corners and ceiling as standard. Optionally, coloured lights can be ordered for the shaft corners and ceiling. The light in the Aritco HomeLift can be controlled by our app, “SmartLift”.


The SmartControl is the centrepiece of the control panel and is a unique design feature of the Aritco HomeLift. The control panel with SmartControl is always beautifully lit using LED lights, and is intuitive and user-friendly. You operate the lift by turning and pressing the SmartControl.

Our lifts come with Bolon Sisal Plain Sand flooring as standard, due to it’s long-lasting properties and neutral tone. This is a stylish, high-quality floor from popular Swedish company and forward-thinking designers, Bolon. It’s structure and design are a good match with many other floor materials and colours. You can also choose another floor from the selection as an option or add a bespoke flooring choice to the lift (please speak to a member of our team).


  • Optimal design and size with a wide range of finishes
  • Made using up to 95% recyclable materials
  • Energy efficient (low power usage)
  • Patented screw/nut technology
  • Low maintenance and operating costs
  • Minimal building work & quick installation
  • Self-contained unit (no separate machine room)


  • Multiple lift sizes
  • Shaft enclosure supplied with lift
  • Glazed or solid shaft panels
  • Doors on up to 3 different sides
  • Automatic glazed double doors
  • Safety edges around platform
  • 40mm pit or ramp
  • Integral electrical cabinet

Design & Innovation

  • DesignWall – a backlit wall with selected art from prominent Scandinavian designers
  • DesignLight with state-of-the-art lighting which you can control via the SmartLift app
  • Operated via a unique solution, the SmartControl
  • Equipped with our SmartSafety system, with safety features to meet all situations that can occur in a home, as well as to prevent accidents
  • “Connected” lift allowing for remote monitoring and troubleshooting
Control panel_L


Aritco has developed its SmartSafety system to make the whole family feel completely safe. This includes smart doors that know if something is in the way, and if so, automatically opens or closes again. It is also possible to lock the lift, preventing children or anyone else from using it.

Incase of a power failure the lift will run on batteries, so you are always able to lower the lift to the nearest floor and get out. There is also an alarm button that is connected to an autodialer, which can be used to make emergency calls to contact one of the pre-programmed numbers from the lift.


Vertical platform lifts are contained within a shaft. This shaft has guide rails along two corners of the shaft which help to guide the carrier, which is generally an L shaped platform attached to a mast. When using an open platform lift, the walls remain in the same place as the platform raises or lowers.

There is a wide range of electric, hydraulic, and mechanical platform lifts, including enclosed cabin lifts, industrial vertical platform lifts, and even hidden platform lifts. Cabin platform lifts work in the same way as normal platform lifts but, rather than having an L shaped carrier, the platform is contained within a box to give the feel of a conventional lift.

In order to use an open platform lift, applying continuous pressure to the up or down buttons will allow the user to reach their destination. From the outside, using a single touch button will call the lift to the floor. For enclosed cabin lifts, rather than having to apply continuous pressure, a single touch button will be found inside that can be used to bring the user to the correct floor.


Using steel, aluminium, glass and as little plastic as possible allows for recyclability of almost all the materials that are needed to manufacture Gartec lifts, with up to 92% of the materials used already from recycled and sustainable sources. All that is left which is non-recyclable are parts of the electrical cable system and the battery. Aritco, our parent company are constantly developing our lifts and as battery technology changes, our lifts will be developed to incorporate recyclable batteries.

With rigorous development to achieve maximum recyclability and the forward thinking on materials, manufacturing processes and new technology we are always looking to provide the most eco-friendly lift solutions. We are proud that every step taken from Design to Installation, sustainability and energy efficiency has been factored into the process.

When considering energy efficiency in your home, Gartec lifts are powered by a 2.2kw motor which uses less energy than a standard domestic kettle or hairdryer. Similarly, the low-energy LED lighting and display components all contribute to a more sustainable and greener solution. View our energy-efficiency brochure for more information.

Technical details

To see further technical details please view our brochure or contact us to discuss.

Aritco HomeLift DesignWall