Dumbwaiter Lifts

Gartec dumbwaiters are small-load goods lifts for transporting anything from documents, food and laundry to goods, equipment and small trolleys. Often seen in hotels, libraries, kitchens and restaurants, dumbwaiters help reduce manual handling.

About Our Dumbwaiters

Our dumbwaiters are simple, durable small goods lifts, usually at waist/serving height. An extra quiet motor and wipe-clean surface make them perfect as serving lifts for hotels and restaurants and their supporting frames ensure a quick installation.

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Dumbwaiters are small-load goods lifts for transporting anything from documents, food and laundry to trays, equipment and small trolleys. Commonly these are found in hotels, restaurants and pubs. Our dumbwaiters are a simple, durable solution. An extra quiet motor and wipe-clean surface make them perfect as a serving lift for hotels and restaurants. The supporting frame system means quick and easy installation with no motor room or load-bearing shaft required – helping you to get back to work faster. The Gartec dumbwaiter can take loads up to 150kg. Read more about our goods lift range.

Gartec Dumbwaiter Lift: Key Features

  • Up to 12 stops (20m)
  • Up to 24 entrance points
  • Internal or external installation
  • Load rated from 50-100kg
  • Rise and fall shutters or hinged doors
  • Shelving options
  • Top or bottom drive positioning

The Gartec dumbwaiter uses a self-supporting steel structure that is erected in just a day or two, with minimal building works on-site and no load-bearing shaft. You can enclose the structure to suit the surroundings. A counterbalance drive system makes the Gartec dumbwaiter more energy efficient without a reduction in power.

Industrial Dumbwaiter Lifts

Gartec Dumbwaiter Lift Types

Gartec offer 3 main types of dumbwaiter:

  • Standard models
  • Double models, with a bank of 2 dumbwaiters
  • Bottom drive models, reducing headroom requirements

Double bank versions of the dumbwaiter are great for laboratory lifts or food service lifts where contamination or temperature need controlling. If you would like a double bank, a wall will need to be created on-site to separate the shafts.

You can also position a Gartec Trolley Lift beneath the dumbwaiter in the same shaft.

Dumbwaiter FAQs

What is a Dumbwaiter Lift?

Dumbwaiter lifts are small lifts that usually open at “serving height” (approximately hip-height) for easy hand loading between 2-6 floors.

You’ve probably seen one in a restaurant or hotel, the most common places for them.

Dumbwaiter lifts are usually seen around commercial kitchens as it allows the kitchen staff and chefs, and the restaurant serving staff, to pass items between floors without dangerous or time-consuming journeys up and downstairs with breakable plates and the like.

Hotels also use dumbwaiter lifts for transporting items like laundry or cleaning products between floors.

Larger private homes sometimes install a dumbwaiter lift too, providing convenience and a method for transporting items. House staff can also use the lift in the same way a hotel or restaurant would as well.

What Are Dumbwaiters Called?

There are quite a few alternative names for dumbwaiter lifts – the main alternatives for ‘dumbwaiter’ include:

  • Service lift / elevator
  • Kitchen lift
  • Microlift (brand name)
  • Food lift / elevator

Regardless of the name, these small lifts offer great potential in hospitality, commercial businesses and even private homes.

Benefits of Dumbwaiter Lifts

Apart from the obvious benefit of not having to carry items on the stairs, there are lots of benefits to dumbwaiter lifts. These include:

01. Reducing Costs

  • Dumbwaiters are a lower initial cost than a larger lift option
  • Dumbwaiters save employees time, meaning less staff can do the same work

02. Safety at Work

  • It is far safer for your staff to use a dumbwaiter for anything sharp or breakable than to carry by hand. Any potential accidents are prevented.
  • Manual handling can be a serious issue. Reducing manual handling at work is always a positive and leads to a safer environment

03. Saving Time

  • Staff can save valuable time transporting items by foot
  • A dumbwaiter may even be faster than staff on foot – usually, they are speed limited to around 0.35m/s – that’s 21m per minute, which is pretty quick!

04. Saving Space

  • Dumbwaiters are actually really small and are usually possible to tuck into an alcove or corner.

05. Cleanliness

  • Carrying food or perishable items by hand can lead to mess or spillage, which can further cause hygiene issues. A dumbwaiter eliminates this.
  • Most dumbwaiters are (or have the option of) stainless steel – wipe clean and waterproof for thorough cleaning.