Gartec Box Goods Lift (High Capacity)

The Gartec Box Goods Lift is an ideal solution to multi-floor transportation of goods and equipment with high load capacity and no machine room. A goods lift reduces risks and increases efficiency between incoming, warehouse and dispatch. Choose from goods only or goods with attendant options. With 2 models, 2,000kg weight capacity, and custom car sizes, the Gartec Goods Lift range has you covered.


The Gartec Goods Lift is an ideal solution to multi-floor transportation of equipment and goods. The compact, modular design makes the Gartec Goods Lift a perfect solution for any warehouse. Our goods lift is customisable to to suit your goods sizes, including pallets, trolleys and crates.

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Goods Lift Models

The Goods Lift comes in two models; Goods only or Goods with attended usage. The car is customisable to fit all shapes and sizes of goods. The Gartec Goods Lift uses a modular, free standing frame structure to reduce installation time, needing only a load bearing footprint and no major building works on site. Read more about our goods lift range.

The Simple Warehouse Goods Lift Option

  • Up to 11m
  • Load rated to 2,000kg
  • Single or double leaf doors
  • Optional picket or shutter gate
  • Free standing shaft structure (or own shaft)
  • No machine room
  • 100mm pit/ramp
  • Efficient geared traction chain drive

Gartec Goods Lift Safety Features

  • Car illumination
  • Safety Stop Mechanism
  • Overload Protection
  • Vision panels
  • Emergency Stop (Goods with Attendant)
  • Light Curtain