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7000 Platform Lift

A versatile platform lift serving up to 6 floors with up to 500kg. Quiet, reliable electrical screw and nut drive. Fully DDA compliant with finishes to match any design and shaft included.

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7000 Flexi (Light Goods & Passenger)

Where space is limited, combine passenger and light goods use with the 7000 Flexi. Carry up to 500kg, serving up to 6 floors. Fully DDA compliant with additional protective goods kerb.

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5000 Traction Cabin Lift

An MRL traction drive cabin platform lift with the look and feel of a conventional lift, including telescopic doors. Travel 5 floors with 400kg, with great design options.

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9000 Cabin Lift

An electric screw & nut drive platform lift with full cabin for travel to give the look and feel of a conventional lift. Carry up to 500kg over 5 floors.

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7000 XT (External) Lift

Based on the screw and nut drive 7000 model, the XT offers features for outdoor environments, saving indoor space. Optional canopy, ventilation and heating.

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8000 Hydraulic Cabin Lift

A hydraulic platform lift system with large stretcher or bike lift sizes, including telescopic doors. Carry up to 500kg over 5 floors.

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2000 Traction Glass Lift

A traction platform lift with optional glass walls on 4 sides for stunning architectural effect. Carry up to 420kg over 6 floors.

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