Gartec are the leading supplier and installer of award winning Aritco platform lifts, with over 25 years of lift industry excellence.

The Gartec Goods Lift Range

The Gartec Goods Lift range has been collated to give you an efficient logistics tool. From 100kg dumb waiters to 3,000kg heavy duty goods lifts, internal or external, with or without passengers, theres a lift for almost any warehouse requirement

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Gartec Service Lift (Dumb Waiter)

A classic dumbwaiter designed for hospitality. Carry up to 100kg over 12 floors at serving height with optional double bank, heated, cooled & shelving additions.


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Gartec Trolley Lift

Transport trolley-based goods or pallets easily, with our floor level Trolley Lift. Carry up to 300kg with floor level entrances with up to 20m travel.


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Gartec Heavy Duty Goods Lift

A high capacity goods lift carrying up to 2,000kg over 9m. Optional attendant use for improved warehouse efficiency. Install in an existing shaft or freestanding.


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Gartec Scissor

The Gartec Platform Scissor Lift starts as a simple hydraulic table lift, travelling up to 9.5m and carrying up to 10,000kg. Use as a goods lift or passenger lift with additional features.


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