Lift FAQs

Looking for more information about platform lift installation and site checks? Maybe you need handovers and requirements for installing the lift? Gartec have you covered with our FAQs on our Platform Lifts – don’t forget, if you can’t see an answer to your questions just contact us and we’ll help with anything from basics to specifics.

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General Questions about Platform Lifts


What is a platform lift?

A platform lift is a system that uses an L shaped carrier in a supplied shaft which is usually electrically run. Platform lifts conform to the machinery directive rather than conventional lift regulations (Lift Directive). This means the lift cannot go faster than 0.15m per second, and has constant pressure controls inside (hold the button to move). Cabin platform lifts can be one touch within, but again must not travel faster than 0.15m per second.


How are platform lifts driven?

Our platform lifts use patented screw and nut technology to drive the lift. A large threaded bar is positioned behind the panels of the back of the lift, and a large nut (attached to the platform) is moved up and down the threaded bar using a quiet, energy efficient motor. The platform moves up and down with the nut using single phase power.


How much energy will the lift use?

Gartec lifts all have eco-friendly features built in. Our lifts use less energy than a kettle for each use, and reduce overall BREEAM requirements by 2 points.


Which lift product is right for our requirements?

This depends on your project – give our team a call to discuss your requirements. The Gartec range includes platform lifts and cabin lifts for simple, versatile access; goods lifts for warehouses and large goods; and smaller, more specific lifts such as dumb waiters and trolley lifts. We would need to know what capacity/weight limit the lift needs to have and what you are planning to transport in the lift.


Do the lifts we provide come with shafts?

Yes the lift comes with a prefabricated shaft that is also a structural element to the lift. If you have an existing shaft, we can build within this space.


Are the lifts fire rated?

No the lifts themselves are not rated. We can provide one hour fire rated doors and frames which can be incorporated by the main contractor to an existing shaft or clad with fire resistant panels, creating a fire safe area.


Is the lift covered by a warranty?

Yes, all Gartec commercial platform lifts come with 1 years’ warranty as standard, as well as 2 free service visits.

Site preparation


What power type/electricity is required?

The lift requires a dedicated single phase electrical supply with a 20amp MCB (Type C) terminated at an isolator.


Do I need to create a pit?

If level access into the lift is required, then a 50mm deep pit/recess will need to be created. We recommend that this is painted with an oil resistant paint in a dark colour to assist with ongoing maintenance. Alternatively, the lift can sit direct onto the floor in which case you will either have a 50mm step or a 50mm ramp up.


What will the lift be fixed to?

The mast will require support at each level.  Generally, this can be provided off the wall to the rear or as the lift passes through the floor. Specific details are provided on the loading information sheet. If the lift is being installed in an open area such as within a stair well we can supply a support hoop which is anchored onto the landings.  One hoop is required for every floor above ground and are commonly attached to stairwell points or similar. If you have special requirements, get in touch to discuss as we can accommodate many different specifications.


What size openings are needed on each landing?

When the lift is being installed within a prebuilt shaft enclosure (the shaft that Gartec Home provide with the lift), the full width openings at the fronts must match the dimensions indicated on the site specific drawing. The openings must be 2240mm high from finished floor level at lower levels and a minimum of 2350mm at the upper level. If you need help with this, get in touch and we will organise a free site visit to advise.


How much head room is needed above the lift?

We always require 2350mm clear above the lift at the upper level to allow the installation to take place. This doesn’t need to be fixed to a ceiling.


How will the lift be attached to each landing?

The landings must be level and provide a fixing point (usually timber) for the bottom door frame. Gartec Home use a series of L brackets and support hoops to secure the lift.


How will the lift be finished at each landing?

The finished floor height must be provided to the engineers at the beginning of the installation. If floor finish, such as carpet, tiles or wood is not in place when installation takes place our installers can set the door frame at the required height for the area surrounding the lift to be made good post installation.


Where will the landing call stations be positioned?

Call stations can be positioned on the door frame to match the frame colour or can be located remotely from the lift. Remote call stations can either be surfaced mounted in a white painted steel rectangular box or recessed into the wall. It is also possible for you to provide your own call switch which can then be in keeping with your other switches in the property.



How long do platform lifts take to install?

A standard two-stop single entry platform lift takes roughly 2 days to be installed, tested and commissioned. If you add an extra floor to the lift you generally need to add an extra day to the install. Cabin lifts take roughly 3 days to install as a standard two stop single entry. After this your lift will be ready to use.


Will your team need power when installing the lift?

Yes, our installation team will need a 20amp electrical supply (temporary or permanent) available from the first day they arrive on site to install the lift. This can be a generator if a power supply is not set up yet.


What happens with delivery and collection of test equipment?

Test weights and towers will be delivered to site on the morning an installation is scheduled to take place, and will be collected the day after you lift has been installed. We use an external company such as Speedy Hire or HSS hire for this service.


Do we need to be there for the installation?

No, although we will need to be able to access the installation point, so if inside a locked building you will need to make plans to let our installation team in and out.


Can LOLER certificates be issued?

Yes, Gartec can provide LOLER certificates if required at commissioning, and during service visits if a “plus” maintenance package is taken out.


Will there be any making good post installation?

After the lift has been installed some making good will be required and a snagging list can be provided.  The extent of this is all dependent on how and where the lift has been installed.  Generally, this is to infill any gaps around the sides of the lift and the shaft enclosure, as the lift passes through the ceiling and comes up through the floor and around the doors.

Post Installation: Use, Maintenance and Trappage


What are the on-going maintenance costs?

Gartec offer a range of annual servicing packages. These include annual service visits and different options for parts and labour costs, as well as options for LOLER certification, and start from as little as £350 a year. Please get in touch for more information and pricing.


What happens if a passenger is trapped inside the lift?

An audible alarm is fitted along with a telephone or autodialler on the platform to provide a means of emergency communication.

If you experience any issues with your lift or have any concerns please call the our service team on 01296 397 100 selecting option 4. If your call is outside of usual office hours the call will be directed to our out of hours’ service who will take your details and pass to our on call service engineer, who will contact you promptly to discuss the issue and can arrange a visit to your home should it be necessary.


What happens if there is a power cut?

Every lift is fitted with emergency battery lowering, if you are travelling in the lift when a power cut occurs, the lift will switch into emergency mode and lowers to the next available floor to exit the lift.  The lift will then disable until power has been restored.