Gartec 1000 High Capacity Platform Lift

The Gartec 1000 platform lift is a 1,000kg platform lift, suitable for passengers, wheelchair users and stretchers. Carry up to 1,000kg over 13m, with doors on up to three sides. Optional extras give you design freedom, including larger doorways for powered wheelchairs and beds.


Frequently installed within car showrooms, bike showrooms, warehouses and offices with frequent goods movements. No head fixing, no machine room and quick installation make the Gartec 1000 platform lift ideal for most environments. Larger sizes are available for larger goods.

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  • Large platform sizes available
  • High lifting capacity
  • Minimal building work
  • Low head room
  • Larger clear openings
  • No machine room
  • Quick Installation
  • No head fixing
  • Complaint to class 3 healthcare platform sizes
  • Standard glass or fire doors available

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  • Bespoke platform sizes
  • Tactile & braille floor buttons with illumination as standard
  • Overload protection, safety edges and battery backup as standard
  • Option to add glass panels or RAL colours to the shaft
  • Optional mirror on cabin wall
  • Autodialler or Autodialler with GSM
  • Doors available on 3 sides of enclosure

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Type of Lift Passenger/ goods platform lift
Capacity 1000kg
Compliance EN81-41, Machinery Directive Compliant, Part M Compliant
Class III Healthcare (sizes)
Drive System Screw and nut system with emergency battery backup
Rated Speed Max 0,15m/s
Travel Up to 13,000 mm
No. Floors 2-7
No. Doors per floor Max. 2 doors per floor
Entry One, two or three sides
Top Height 2400mm (minimum) no head fixing required
Platform Controls Constant pressure operation
Landing Controls Single press operation
Environment Internal
Shaft Supplied, self-supporting glass or solid panels
Power supply 400v, 3-phase, 20A, soft stop-start
Doors GL Full height door as standard EI60 fire doors (optional)