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Modern Renovation Requires Self Supporting Home Lift

A challenge arose for the Gartec team when a couple having renovation work completed on their house in Scotland wanted to include a home lift in their project – working around the stylish new staircase and small floor area to get a lift in, whilst matching the feel of the new interior design.

A Modern, Accessible Renovation

Finding the perfect access lift for a residential project can be tricky, but with our versatile compact lift we overcame the problem of not being able to fix the lift to the stairs.

The lift looks stunning in the project and the stylish glass elements that run through the house blend in well.

The Challenge

Nestled by the Scottish coast in Cowie, Liz and Alan were underway with renovations to make their home more modern, colourful and personal. Working with local architects, Roundhouse Architecture, the couple had a design-led focus around the house, using glass to highlight features.

The couple realised a home lift would be an ideal addition to enjoy it in retirement and make life easier in the meantime.


  • Small size to fit in curved stairwell space
  • Modern look and feel to match renovations
  • Reliable, low maintenance lift






             “It was an absolute pleasure working with Gartec, from

our initial enquiry right through to completed installation      

                                         we were very well looked after” 

Our Advice

After visiting the house, Gartec Home recommended the compact, energy efficient 4000 home lift.

The stylish new staircase had a stairwell space for the lift, and we suggested connecting support hoops to the wall to make the lift independent from the stairs – a simple solution that meant no alterations needed.

The tinted glass doors fitted well with the glass features throughout the home. We suggested a 50mm pit (instead of a ramp) to maximise floor space in the entrance hall, and metal floor trim to match the modern design.

The white exterior design with aluminium trims fitted perfectly with the modern feel of the property and the stylish staircase design.




“Liz & Alan are absolutely                         

       delighted with their new home

(Norman, Roundhouse Architecture)

The Results

Fitting around other works was simple, needing just a few days for installation. Using the support hoop made the lift self supporting and meant no building works or alterations needed – and we even cleared up after.

Now complete, the house looks modern and bright and the lift blends in perfectly – ready to go when they need it.


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