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Gym Group Lift Boosts Brand Identity

The Challenge

Situated in central London, the Gym Group required an access lift for gym-goers to be able to travel from street-level into the gym. Requiring extra safety features, weatherproof external entrance and, of course, a RAL colour match to their vibrant blue logo, they came to us to discuss what we could offer.

The Gym Group have locations across the UK, and Gartec are proud to provide many of their access lifts requiring all sorts of specifications – including matching their lifts to their brand identity. Gartec often provide platform lifts using the RAL colour matching process and our lifts are ideal for simple, straightforward accessibility for sports locations – whether they are used for customer access or moving equipment and light goods.



The Lift

The Gym Group required external street-level access for the Monument location in London, and the Aritco 7000XT from our commercial range was ideal. External installation also saved valuable space internally for the group, vital in a city or restricted location where space is at a premium.

Additional weatherproof finishes, canopies and heating/ventilation systems keep the lift in great condition in any weather. Providing the lift with restricted access using a key locking system also allowed them to lock the lift out of hours to prevent any misuse or unattended access.



The Result

The new lift is ideal for the location, with the vibrant blue colour making it stand out against the London backdrop. Carrying passengers down to the main entrance of the gym, the lift is perfect for the disabled and ambulant alike – especially after a hard work out. Adding a frosted “Lift Access” sticker to the lower door, and their full logo to the side of the shaft panels, has completed the look and it blends in perfectly with the branding and space, creating a unique design.


If you want to discuss space saving external lifts, or matching your lift to branding or specific colours, give our expert team a call on 01296 397100, or send us over your requirements.


Space Saving External Lift

Ideal for locations where space is at a premium, our 7000 XT has additional external features for durability – from weatherproof features to canopies and heating.

The Gym Group saved space at a London gym location, choosing a RAL colour matching system colour to maintain their brand identity.

Adding their own logo to the shaft, the lift looks stunning and stands out against the London backdrop, drawing people’s eye.

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