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Gartec Supply Goods Lifts for Bakery Factory

Modernising and renovating their bakery factory, Montana Bakery and project management company, Pentadel, found Gartec Lifts when looking for a range of suppliers for the project. They needed 2 goods lifts – one internal, and one external to internal – to improve efficiency and safely transport goods between floors.

As the company had no prior experience with lifts, Gartec were happy to provide support from start to finish.

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The Lift for Food-Related Goods Transportation

Gartec were pleased to support project management company, Pentadel, with 2 goods lifts for food transportation. With one internal and one external installation, the versatile Gartec Goods Lift ticked all the boxes, and Gartec Goods Manager, Matthew Champion, worked closely with Pentadel to provide support from start to finish.

The Challenge

Whilst renovating and modernising a new factory and warehouse location, Montana Bakery in Slough required two goods lifts to aid efficiency and logistics.
The bakery needed to transport equipment and food products between lower and upper floors, with an external loading area.

As a food processing factory, the job required a lift that would be food safe and ‘wipe down’, as well as powerful enough to take large incoming deliveries.

The bakery required:

  • External and internal locations
  • High 1,500kg weight limit
  • Suitable for food preparation environment
  • Goods-ready with call and send function
  • Compact footprint

Luis Martins, Project Manager from Pentadel, said:

“I’ve never dealt with lifts before, but the proposal was clear and the communication was great”

The Lift

After speaking with Luis, the Project Manager, we recommended the Gartec Goods Lift as a reliable and durable option. Luis commented:

“It was our due diligence to have at least 3 different quotes – our director found Gartec and we had a visit from Matthew. An easy pick”

As the environment was for food preparation, a hydraulic lift was not suitable. The geared traction system in the Gartec Classic Goods Only Lift was an ideal meeting of hygiene requirements and power.

Matthew Champion, Gartec Goods Manager, said:

“ The Gartec Goods range uses a geared traction system – the downside to hydraulics is, with the additional builders work and hydraulic fluid, hygiene may become difficult.”

Following the visit, Matthew recommended bump rails and rear wall drop bars to protect the lift when loading with trolleys.

The call and send function, 1,500kg capacity and weatherproof external features also played a big part, as well as the compact frame system taking up minimal space.

A small cabinet was required on the wall at the top floor for the control equipment and battery backup system, with no machine room needed.

The Installation

The Gartec Classic Goods Only Lift was used for both the internal and external spots, and was installed around other works. Communication was key to ensuring smooth installation.

Luis commented:

“It was well communicated and well planned – Matt was very quick to reply in a detailed manor”

With minimal requirements, Luis and the team had everything ready and waiting:

  • Holes through floor where required
  • Power supply for lift
  • Clear access to site and location
  • Lifting beam for internal installation
  • Pit drain in external lift area

The lifts were installed in less than a week and ran smoothly, even with alterations to the pit required following other works. Luis commented:

“We had to shim down the pit and do some alterations, but the installation was a success; swift installation, happy to do everything, nothing was missing for them here and it was all quite straightforward. They finished with a couple of days spare, so I was really pleased”

The Result

Now in place, the 2 goods lifts are providing a simple but secure way to transport goods, with protective features that minimise potential damage from moving pallets and trolleys.

Luis Martins, the Project Manager, made a final comment:

“It went very well, from beginning to end. Matthew kept me abreast of every step of the process and I would recommend Gartec”

With the factory near completion, it will be handed over to the bakery to begin production including a full handover, warranty, and maintenance package.

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