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Double Goods Lifts Project in Cambridge

A double bank of high capacity goods lifts has helped improve efficiency at Farboud Innovation Park in Cambridge.


The Challenge

Creating a new logistical and warehousing space in Cambridge, project managers at a new premises at Farboud Innovation Park got in touch with our Goods Lift Manager, Nick Gibbons. They were looking to include 2 high capacity goods lifts on the project to improve efficiency at the premises.

Accessing warehouse areas safely – especially with large loads and unusual, bulky equipment – is vital for staff health and safety. Goods lifts not only provide clear movement/logistics pathways, but often reduce manual handling, use of the stairs and a range of other activities that could cause accidents.


Gartec Box Goods Lift - Traction System Gartec Box Goods Lift - Installation










The Lift

After speaking with Nick, they decided our box goods lift was ideal for the project. The quick turnaround and additional hard-wearing features to prevent damage when loading made it suitable for goods logistics. The team chose a shutter gate on the upper floor, but swing doors on the lowest floor for alternative loading efficiency.

From the durable steel flooring and walls, to the 1,500kg capacity, the lift was ideal for the premises. Safety features such as a vision panel, overload protection and light curtain come as standard, but the team opted for including a protective rail in the car for additional loading protection.


Gartec Box Goods Lift - Swing Door Gartec Box Goods Lift - Shutter Gate










The Result

Our goods lift experts were on hand throughout the project to manage and ensure everything went smoothly with the installation. Now complete, the double goods lifts look stylish in a black finish and stands out in the warehouse area.

Our box lifts are ideal for the premises and tick all the requirements of the team – another success for Gartec Lifts.

Cambridge Goods Lifts

Our dedicated Goods Lift Manager, Nick Gibbons, worked closely with project managers at Farboud Innovation Centre to install a double goods lift bank in a warehouse premises.

From additional protective features for goods, to black finishes for a stylish look, the Box Goods Lift was the perfect choice.

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