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Commercial Lift Replacement

Looking to replace a lift in a commercial building?

Lifts have a limited shelf-life, as with any product, but perhaps you want to improve efficiency, upgrade your previous lift or just want to change the lift system. Whatever the reason you want to replace your commercial lift, we can help.

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Commercial Lift Replacement: Why is a Lift Important?

Commercial lifts are an important part of a business. For public buildings, retail locations, offices and shops, customers and staff may rely on lifts for passenger or disabled transport. For warehouses, hotels, kitchens and store rooms, a goods lift could be the difference between efficiency and chaos.

A reliable lift means you can continue as normal and not be on your toes with potential productivity or access issues.

Commercial Lift Replacement: Why Replace my Lift?

There are many reasons to replace a commercial lift, including:

  • old or damaged lift in place now
  • high cost of repairs and maintenance
  • need larger or higher capacity
  • different location
  • inefficient running energy use
  • wrong type of lift / mechanical system

Whatever the reason, there are a whole host of options and alternatives to make your premises more accessible and more efficient.

Commercial Lift Replacement: When to Replace my Lift?

A lift should be replaced every 20-25 years as this tends to be the lifetime of many parts and components. Replacing parts of an existing lift can be incredibly expensive – and you may end up with a new lift piece by piece!

If your lift is getting regular problems, this could cause safety hazards and dangerous spaces. Monitoring the condition of your lift, and the number of service visits or parts it uses, can give you a good idea of recurring problems.

Regulation changes may make older lifts unsuitable or illegal for use, a very simple way to make a quick decision!

Also, the look and feel of your lift may not be what you want. If you have recently taken over a site and are creating a style or look, an ugly lift can have a big impact. When you have just taken over a site is a great time to review your lift as it may restrict what you can do.

Commercial Lift Replacement: Types of Commercial Lift

Platform Lifts

Gartec platform lifts are ideal for a commercial lift replacement – safer, easier, cheaper and more reliable.

There’s a host of benefits, including being able to move the lift at a later date, preventing waste and expensive building works with our simple and innovative lifts. Running with an electrical screw and nut system, platform lifts are quiet, simple and low cost for life.¬†Our most popular lift is the 7000.

Hydraulic or Traction Lifts

If you need a more powerful lift, Gartec offer both hydraulic MRL lifts (the Gartec 8000) and traction lifts (the Gartec 5000). These provide higher weight limits and more powerful systems.

The 8000 also offers key ‘stretcher lift’ sizes to allow for a bed or bike – great for car parks where a platform lift will not be big enough.


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