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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Platform Lifts

Platform lifts often surprise our customers as they don’t expect such a compact, versatile and simple lift.

1. One Lift Does It All

Platform lifts are incredibly versatile due to the technology, structure and regulations, and comply with Part M and the Equality Act.

They can be installed inside or outside a building, hold passengers and goods, provide access and prevent manual handling. Floors can be protected by using ramps, and fixing points can be just on stairs, or just on the floor. With all the machinery and shaft included and tucked away, we can do almost anything with them!

Overall, platform lifts are governed by the machinery directive, not the lift directive, making it simple to commission and regulate platform lifts in different ways.

2. Lifts can Save You Space

There’s no need to worry about carving out a great chunk of your interiors (or exteriors) to accommodate a platform lift. Needing only the space of the platform and shaft, and no head fixing, machine room, pump box housing or oil pits needed, you can fit a platform lift in a cupboard-sized space.

Gartec platform lifts come in a range of sizes, with the most common being “1100x1480mm” – but we can go as small as “900x1040mm”.

Our Aritco 7000 model, for example, only needs a pit or ramp of 50mm and headroom of 2,400mm – pretty amazing if we do say so ourselves.

3. Platform Lifts are Incredibly Simple

Platform lifts generally have very simple equipment – Gartec lifts work using a large threaded bar with a motor and large nut to drive the platform up and down.

The simplicity also makes for quick 2-3 day installation, and low lifetime costs for lift maintenance, with no belts or hydraulic systems to break down. Gartec’s Servicing Team can provide LOLER certificates too.

4. Industrial Platform Lifts Go Further than you Think

In fact, they can cover some pretty significant distances. A Gartec platform lift, for example, can travel up to 13 metres, making it an incredibly versatile and useful investment for most home or business environments.

Conversley, you don’t even need to go up a full floor height – thanks to the simple technology you can travel as little as 250mm and step out another side – ideal for showrooms and restaurants!

5. Worried about Carbon Footprint? Don’t be!

All the Gartec platform lifts use less energy than a kettle to run, and have been made with materials that are 95% recyclable. We’re very aware of the effect our products have on the world around them, not only with respect to the way they operate, but also in manufacture.

Platform lifts also reduce BREEAM requirements by 2 points as they are known for being more eco-friendly lifts, making a full sustainability score easier to achieve.

6. External Platform Lifts get Extra Protection

We’ve thoroughly thought through the consequences of installing platform lifts outside, which is why we offer extra features for external lifts, including canopies, ventilation, protective coatings on machine parts and optional heating. This will help protect the lift from the elements and stop it ageing prematurely in harsher conditions.

Featured case study

Award-Winning Service Station Maximise Space with Gartec

Featured case study

Award-Winning Service Station Maximise Space with Gartec

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