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Platform Lifts

Our passenger platform lifts have a simple modular design and great safety features, making them ideal for all settings

Providing Simple Access Solutions

Passenger platform lifts are a great alternative to conventional lifts, offering a fantastic mobility, access or transport solution with a much simpler operation, high efficiency and lower price tag.


Key Features of Platform Lifts


  • Small footprint
  • Contained in shaft – no pump box housing or machine room
  • Modular design – no major building works
  • Floor level fixing points
  • No structural support or head fixings required
  • No large pit – lubrication is through use


How Platform Lifts Work

Platform lifts are contained within a shaft, and the carrier is an L shape attached to a mast. When using the lift, the walls remain in the same place as the platform raises or lowers. If you need an enclosed cabin lift, our 9000 is a great direct alternative to a conventional lift.


Gartec lifts run using patented ‘nut & screw’ technology – a simple, strong and energy efficient method. A mast runs up the length of one side, and a small motor drive is usually placed at the base. The running machinery is very quiet, and tucked away behind the platform.


Operation inside the lift is by continuous pressure, and outside using a single touch button to call the lift to the floor.



The Safe Lift Option

  • Auto-diallers & intercoms
  • Link to fire or alarm systems
  • Safety bar edge (stops when pressure applied so no trapped fingers)
  • School locking
  • Fire doors
  • Emergency lowering & battery backup


Platform lifts are governed by the machinery directive, and mean 2 points of your BREEAM score are removed from the total.


As part of our safety focus, we offer warranty, a range of lift servicing packages, and LOLER inspections and certificates.


Platform Lift Range Overview


Why Your Business Should Consider A Lift

  • Accessibility for disabled, prams etc
  • Compliance with Equality Act (formerly DDA)
  • Better building functionality
  • Reduce risks (accidents on the stairs happen every 90 seconds!)


A Unique Access Solution

Adding personal touches is simple with our lifts – changing colours, materials, metal finishes and flooring make a Gartec passenger platform lift a sleek yet functional option. We can include options like locks, ideal for schools and libraries, and auto-dialler phones, great for offices and retail environments. We can also wrap our lifts in vinyl (see wood effect image).


Whether you are using your passenger platform lift as a disabled access solution, a passenger transport system or a goods lift, Gartec can help you every step of the way.