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Why Lift Maintenance Is Important

If you’re going to invest in a home lift, it makes sense to look after it, like any other additional part to your building or home. Lift care is key to making sure that your home or commercial lift is always in working order, whenever you need it. Regular maintenance will also ensure there are no issues or preventable problems in the future, as the lift is regularly used and relied on.

What General lift maintenance includes:

  • Keeping the exterior clean (if you have an external platform lift) so as to prevent the doors becoming stuck or blocked.
  • Appropriate use and transport. It is crucial to remember that any lift; domestic or commercial, will need to be used in the correct manner it was designed for.
  • Avoiding overcrowding as this can cause lift breakage on the spot. The maximum weight limit is 400kg so it’s a good idea to stick to this to avoid any problems. 

Regular Home Lift Maintenance

It can sometimes be difficult to establish what issues can be dealt with your own maintenance, and when you need to call in the professionals. Lift owners that find themselves in a situation, for example, when buttons have broken or fallen off, it would only be appropriate to contact your lift manufacturer. If the lift performance is slower, or you feel like something has changed in the way that the lift operates, then it would be necessary for the engineers or manufacturer to come and investigate.

Maintenance, such as cleaning the floor regularly can easily be carried out by individuals – this will ensure the floor isn’t dirty or slippery, posing a safety hazard – and if you have invested in an external platform lift then take an optional canopy to protect it from the weather and early ageing. Of course, if you want to make sure that your lift maintenance is really tip-top, it would be worth investing in a service package, available from your lift supplier.

Gartec Lift Maintenance

The Gartec service packages offer a variety of maintenance options, from two service visits per year, through to a fully inclusive care package that ensures your lift is maintained to the highest standard. We have Bronze, Bronze +, Silver, Silver + and Gold + packages available that offer varying levels of care.

Regular maintenance of your lift, will not only ensure that it looks good and functions well now, but will also safeguard the product, ensuring safe and smooth operation, for years to come. Take a look at the packages we offer and get in touch for more information.