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Aritco 6000 (Wheelchair Lift)


Introducing Gartec Home Division

The Gartec Home team have a dedicated website for home lifts – to visit our Gartec Home website just click here. The Home team focus on minimising disruption and providing a more refined service, taking just 3 days to install a new build or retrofitted lift.


The Residential Lift for Life

The Aritco 6000 passenger platform lift offers a functional lift, suitable for 5 people and fitting a wheelchair easily, whilst providing a range of style options to make the lift a stunning feature, or blend in with your home design. The 6000 offers more space and design features – for a simpler, compact lift, take a look at the 4000.


Key Lift Features

  • Up to 13m (6 stops) with 3 doors per floor
  • 6 platform sizes
  • Load rated to 410kg (5 people / wheelchair & attendant)
  • 50mm pit or ramp
  • Quiet and energy efficient lift
  • 210 RAL colours & 8 flooring options
  • Safety edge and alarm system



How Platform Lifts Work

The 4000 passenger platform lift is completely contained within the shaft, and operated using our patented screw & nut technology, with a mast running behind the platform. The lift doesn’t require a machine room or pump box housing – read more about how it works here.


Operation inside the lift is by continuous pressure, and outside using a single touch button to call the lift to the floor.


Home Lift Servicing

All our lifts are supplied with a 12-month warranty as standard, and we offer a range of maintenance and service packages for your peace of mind.


Customer Reviews

“It took just two days to install and the process was far smoother and simpler than I ever imagined. We now have the certainty of knowing that we can remain in our home forever without worrying about managing the stairs …and as a bonus, our friends are so impressed we have a lift at home!” George Davison, SW London

Technical Data

Drive systemSelf-sustaining patented screw/nut system
Rated speedMax. 0.15 m/s
Landing controlOne touch call
Platform controlHold to run
Technical complianceEuropean machine directive 2006/42/EC
Rated load410 kg/5 persons
Number of stopsMax. 6 on 3 sides
Number of doorsMax. 2 doors per floor
Pit50 mm (with ramp no pit is required)
Power3-phase, 400V, 50Hz, 18A supply
Emergency loweringManual
Control supply24 V
Motor2.2 kW


Platform length1480 mm
Platform width1100 mm
Door height2000 mm
Door width900 mm
Shaft depth1600 mm
Shaft width1475 mm
Travel height250-13000 mm
Top height full door2240 mm
Top height half door1100 mm
Structural opening1505 x 1630 mm